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The new VVB collection continues to embody the free-spirited independence of the VVB girl. Inspired by iconic, strong women in the arts in the 1920s and 30s, including Billie Holiday and Josephine Baker, the collection embraces both her inner confidence and the polished naiveté and feminine silhouettes synonymous with VVB. There’s a sense of freedom, creativity and joy in easy babydoll dresses and fluid tailoring – this collection truly embraces the whimsy and energy of the era.

Collection Products

Arizona Jeans in Faded Blue
Pleated skirt in Jazz Print
Midtown Jeans in Horizon Blue
Short-sleeve V Neck Jumper in Midnight Blue
Word Search Classic Shirt in Blue Denim
V Logo Crew Neck Jumper in Midnight Blue
Shrunken Tailored Jacket in Midnight Blue
Tie-waist Trousers in Midnight Blue
Smocked Hip Dress in Cabaret Print
Patch Pocket Tailored Jacket in Chalk Stripe
Button Pleat Trousers in Chalk Stripe
Pin Tucked Pencil Skirt in Chalk Print
Reverse Tie-neck Shirt in Blue