Victoria Beckham Shirts & Tops

Shirts & Tops

From oversized masculine tailoring to more feminine chiffon shirting, Victoria Beckham shirts and tops act as the underpinnings for a layered, multi-dimensional look.

Collection Products

Ruffle Neck Blouse in Vanilla White
Scarf Neck Blouse in Scribble Print
V-Neck Ruffle Blouse in Apple Green
V-Neck Ruffle Blouse in Bright Purple
Contrast Bib Shirt in Ivory
Tie-neck Fitted Shirt in Floral Print
Polo Neck Blouse in Paisley Print
€750,00 Pre-Order
Victorian Ruffle Blouse in Tobacco Brown
Victorian Ruffle Blouse in Apricot
V-neck Blouse in Sage Green
Chantilly Lace Cami Top
V-Neck Tunic in Camel Beige
Sleeveless Side-drape Top in Vanilla White
€690,00 Pre-Order
Club Collar Fitted Shirt in Rose Print
€650,00 Pre-Order