Victoria Beckham Dresses


Runway pieces sit alongside iconic silhouettes to comprise a wardrobe of dresses for all occasions.

Collection Products

Ruffle Cami Flower Midi Dress in Bright Purple
Ruffle Shirt Mini Dress in Black
Ruffle and Chain Detail Dress in Amber Orange
Bow Back Flared Dress in Tobacco Brown
€1.590,00 Pre-Order
Long-sleeved Scarf Midi Dress in Black
Long-sleeved Scarf Midi Dress in Red
V-neck Scarf Dress in Apple Green
Ruched-sleeve Midi dress in Orange
Sleeveless Knit Off-shoulder Dress in Black
€1.490,00 Pre-Order
Ruched-sleeve Midi dress in Sage Green
Sheer Sleeve Fitted Dress In Black
Tie-neck Flared Midi Dress in Camel Beige
Double-V Midi Dress in Black
Asymmetric Ruffle Cami Dress in Lemon Yellow
Batwing Sleeve Midi Dress in Paisley Print
Sleeveless Front Pleat Midi Dress in Tweed